Monday, July 07, 2008

Laughter Chain From Skype Should Bring A Smile To Your Face

I like to laugh as it relieves stress and tension that we gather at various occasions and incidents that are not really nice. Perhaps it is a call that made you feel so. If you are a Skype user, the new service Skype Laughter chain may help you to laugh it out right at your desk. And if you are in a cubicle or area in the office you may have the viral effect that Skype is also trying to gain with this product. You may have a happy office!

So all of you who think that I only have bad things to say about Skype, like Uninstall Skype, This should prove otherwise.

So it is even more attractive if you use, LOL (Laugh Out Loud) acronym on the web. Now you can do it really true to the meaning of LOL, if your collegue or friend also has a Skype Video connection. Laughter will bring us closer together no matter what language you speak – it’s a language we all understand and everyone loves a good laugh. So Laugh in English, Laugh in French, Laugh in Dutch, Laugh in Japanese (now I ran out of languages I know) and laugh in Swaihili, laugh in Hindi or Just laugh! I am sure you will make someone laugh.

I like the idea of this type of advertising that lead to creation of this Laughter Chain to promote Skype's free video calling feature. The other thing is you can make as many free video calls as you want. Seeing the person you’re talking to makes a big difference, you can share expressions.

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