Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fring Expands Supported Devices And Adds My Favorite, Nokia N810 to the ist

I was very happy to see that Fring has added Nokia N810 to the list of supported devices with full fring features including internet calls, chat, presence. I carry N810 where ever I go as my web tablet. When I discovered Fring more than a year ago, I had a feeing that it woud disrupt the mobile VoIP.
In addition to Nokia N810, Fring now supports more popular Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones based on JavaME (J2ME)) There is aso a new special version called minifring for these phones without VoIP Support. According to Fring, minifring users will now be able to join the ring of fringsters worldwide.
In addition to a these new capabilities, there will be new fring applications available in the fringAdd-ons catalog soon. Keep you fring on for the hundreds of newly supported devices like iPhone. The current version might not run on newer iPhones with iPhone 2.0.
Here is a video from Fring;

* See full list of fring supported devices here.


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