Friday, July 25, 2008

Disable Skype Auto Start On MAC

Sometimes it is better that an application does not autostart on your computer. Skype when installed, by default is set to auto start when ever you restart or switch on your computer. That is because Skype assums that you need you Skype like any other important applications that auto start at the beginning of a computer session. I have one computer that has Skype auto start because I use that computer for receiving my Skype calls. But on the computers that I use skype for dial out only or use Skype infrequently, I disable auto start of the application.
It has been a bit hard to do this on a MAC than on a PC, So here is how you do it on a MAC.

To disable Skype auto start in Mac, follow the instruction below:-

* Start your Skype
* Right click at the Skype Icon at your Dock / Taskbar
* Select “Open At Login” to uncheck the tick
* Done, you have just disable Skype from auto start

Here’s the 2nd method to disable Skype auto start in Mac:-

* Go to System Preference -> Accounts
* Select your account at the left column
* Click on “Login Items” tab
* Highlight Skype and Click on the “-” button
* Done, you have just disable Skype from auto start


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