Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7 Cents a Day per User Unified Communications From Objectworld Communications.

OTTAWA, Canada — July 22, 2008 — Objectworld Communications Corp., a leading provider of unified communications (UC) and communications-enabled business process (CEBP) software solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses with Microsoft® Windows® platforms, announced today the most cost-effective UC solution for businesses. For as little as 7 cents a day per user, businesses can reap the benefits of unified communications including email, voicemail, messaging and fax capabilities accessible from one interface and from any device.

Objectworld’s bundled solutions based on organizational size deliver the lowest possible cost to customers and include VoIP, personal call control, conference server, unified messaging, integrate fax server, Active Directory-based administration, ODBC-enabled service creation environment, presence-based operator console and more.

With Objectworld’s UC Server Standard Edition, businesses are not required to deploy VoIP in order to reap the productivity benefits of unified communications, saving them tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands more by leveraging their existing PBX systems in the process. However, if businesses want to upgrade their existing phone system, Objectworld UC Server SIP Edition can provide an end-to-end unified communications solution for only 37 cents a day. The 37 cents per day solution includes not only software, but also new hardware such as third-party desktop phones, server hardware and gateways.

With these new capabilities, businesses can improve workforce productivity and increase responsiveness. Depending on system size, Objectworld’s UC Server can save businesses up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, demonstrating immediate business value to implement UC.

“We believe that any-sized business, especially an SMB, should be able to enjoy the benefits of a unified communications platform,” said David Levy, president and chief executive officer of Objectworld. “Objectworld can deliver UC for only 7 cents a day per user for 200 users, which is amazing considering what incumbent PBX vendors are charging for much less functionality. It’s even more remarkable considering that businesses can spend 22 cents a day for coffee services for their employees. The return on investment is very visible.”

To see a cost estimation of Objectworld’s software-based solutions, incorporating Objectworld Connect-certified and supported, third-party vendors for phones such as Polycom®, Snom® and Grandstream®, as well as a variety of media gateways, please visit http://www.objectworld.com/pricing/


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