Friday, March 28, 2008

VoIPfone Offer Managed Broadband Services

Voipfone is offering its customers a Managed Broadband service. According to VoIPfone, the service uses their business class, privately peered, network specifically engineered to complement telephone services that are run over IP. They also mention about the prioritizing of voice traffic above other Internet traffic so that it's customers get the very best possible call quality and line reliability at any given time time. Also offered are Fast provisioning, free technical support and up to 25 simultaneous conversations - and best of all, unlike most other ISPs there’s no contract either.
They do not even lock you into their own router, they just provide raw bandwidth and you can bring your favorite router!

VoIPfone's Managed Broadband offers;

  • Fully privately peered, business only, uncongested network
  • Voice Prioritised from you to us
  • Unlimited usage
  • No Contract Service
  • Highly reliable
  • Free Technical Support
  • Fast provisioning
  • Free Static IP address
  • Static IP Address Blocks (Up To 8 Static IP Addresses)
Find out more about this and the other services offered by VoIPfone.

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