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Research and Markets Report On New Zealand - Convergence & Digital Media

DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets has announced the addition of New Zealand - Convergence & Digital Media to their offering.

The bundling of voice, data and video services (triple play) and mobile services (quadruple play) are likely to develop on a more large scale fashion in New Zealand in 2008 and 2009. Voice and data bundling has already been introduced by a number of players, including Telecom, Orcon and ihug. The introduction of ADSL2+ services, facilitated by local loop unbundling will eventually allow for faster access of bundled services including VoIP and IPTV, this faster access will also be critical for the growth of digital media services.

However it will take a couple of years for these services to become widespread and it will not be until 2012 that Telecoms old PSTN network is scheduled to be fully decommissioned. BuddeComm estimates that New Zealand could save around $10 billion over the next ten years if a proper, useable infrastructure is available. This report covers a wide range of topics surrounding convergence and digital media applications including: Video on Demand, IPTV, mobile TV, Internet portals, home media centres and e-health, and examines the local market developments.


1. Synopsis
2. Trends in convergence and digital media
2.1 Telecoms access models undergo fundamental changes
2.2 Digital media will be the key market driver in the telco
2.3 The rise of Content Based Services
2.4 E-health
3. Analysis - New Zealand must capitalise on digital media
3.1 Where are the leaders?
3.2 Digital media event
3.3 Savings worth $10 billion
4. Triple play and quadruple play services in New Zealand
4.1 Market overview
4.2 Telecom's Next Generation Network
4.3 TelstraClear
4.3.1 Pegasus Town goes live in New Zealand
4.4 Vodafone/ihug
5. Analysis - What went wrong with triple play?
5.1 VoIP and video - hard nuts to crack
5.2 TV camera in front of radio programs
5.3 FASTWEB is leading the charge, for change
5.4 Triple play soon to be forgotten
6. Converging digital media services by application
6.1 Home Media Centres
6.2 Broadband - home networks
6.3 Video-on-Demand (VoD)
6.4 DVRs
6.5 Flat screen TVs
6.6.1 Global trends
6.6.2 Local developments
6.6.3 Telecom New Zealand
6.6.4 TelstraClear
6.6.5 Orcon Internet
6.6.6 TVNZ
6.6.7 Slingshot looking at broadband video
6.6.8 Video-over-IP broadcasting
6.6.9 Analysis - From IPTV to multimedia events
6.7 Mobile TV
6.7.1 Overview
6.7.2 Local developments
6.7.3 Music and MP3
6.8 Internet portals and applications
6.8.1 Telecom NZ partners with Yahoo!
6.8.2 Internet portal statistics
7. Analysis - Home Media Centres
7.1 Catalyst for new business opportunities
7.2 Stragglers will be left behind
7.3 Overhaul of the lounge room
7.4 Content providers are coming to the party
7.5 Television advertising
8. Analysis - e-Health - killer app on true broadband
8.1 Broadband essential to maintain public health system
8.2 Aged care services at home
8.3 Social networking through video cams
8.4 Public education and public debate needs to start now
8.5 Online patient record systems
8.6 Digital healthcare appointment system
8.7 Video consultation and monitoring
8.8 There simply is no alternative to e-health
9. Related reports

Exhibit 1 - Telecom New Zealand's plan for convergence
Exhibit 2 - Advantages of e-Health

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