Saturday, November 19, 2005

SkypeKiller arrives in the VOIP scene!

After reporting about the hazards of skype's action on a corporate network,here and here, I found that a skypekiller has come to be. I found this news at Skype journal and of course they seems to not so happy about it. I have no qualms about it. If Skype cannot come clean with it's network usage, someone got to do it. Network administrators have to go from desk to desk to uninstall it as casual uninstallation will leave something behind that still use the network.
So as a Skype user, one does not have to be unhappy, if you are willing to share your network connection with countless others, in exchange for free calls, be my guest. But not me. There are countless other solutions that one could use to achieve to same goal.
Don't come breaking my network. There will be a step by step guide to remove Skype from your network will be here. It is not that difficult.

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