Sunday, November 13, 2005

SnapVOIP crunching score!

As you know I do crunching for Einstein@home, Einstein@Home is a program that uses your computer's idle time to search for spinning neutron stars (also called pulsars) using data from the LIGO and GEO gravitational wave detectors. Einstein@Home is a World Year of Physics 2005 project supported by the American Physical Society (APS) and by a number of international organizations. The software is based on BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing).Well I am happy to be a Berkleyan.
I run it on a one slow pc by today's standards. But see that I am above average!. Join and have fun!

Statistics -> Einstein@home Hold Charts -> snapvoip

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snapvoip General Info:
Name(and url) snapvoip (teamid 2754)
Created 2005-05-07 06:36
Total 12122.931409 Cobblestones
#1465 of 3546 teams (more than 58.686%) - Charts
Recent 61.295772 Cobblestones
Country United States - #559 of 1219 teams (more than 54.14%)
Members 1


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