Monday, November 07, 2005

Pay Per Call VOIP minus Hype

eStara’s lead developer says advertisers don’t have to rely on peer-to-peer applications for their pay per call solutions.As demand for pay per call services increases, many ad networks, web portals, search engines and media groups are being told that the answer lies in the use of a peer to peer application. But is it really necessary for users to download a fat client, several megs in size, and fill out information before they can contact an advertiser? And do advertisers want to sit by their computers with their headsets on waiting for leads?

Not according to Joe Siegrist, Senior Vice President of Technology at eStara ( -- the world’s leading developer of VoIP-based click to call applications.

“With eStara’s technology, a pay per call solution is available to online advertisers without the headaches of requiring advertisers and users to install a peer to peer application,” says Siegrist. “Our technology lets the end user choose between entering their phone number for an immediate call back, or using an extremely small, fast PC VoIP client that requires no installation.”

Siegrist is the co-inventor of the first PC to Phone VoIP for eCommerce application. He is available to comment on the latest developments surrounding pay per call. Siegrist directs software development and systems operations for eStara. An innovative software architect and accomplished VoIP development leader, Siegrist holds three patents and is a named inventor on a dozen patent applications in the voice over Internet and Internet-initiated calling space.


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