Tuesday, November 15, 2005

ISAKMP flow found, check if your IPsec VPN is on the list

According to News.com the Finns say that the flaw in the Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol, or ISAKMP could lead to denial-of-service attacks.
ISAKMP is used in IPsec virtual private network and firewall products from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks.

The security hole was so serious that the Finnish results were jointly issued by the British National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre and the Finnish CERT to give it some weight.

Cisco and Juniper have acknowledged that some of their products are at risk. Cisco said the security flaw could cause devices to reset which could cause a temporary denial-of-service attack.

It is providing free software upgrades to fix the problem and has published a security advisory. The list of affected products includes Cisco IOS, Cisco PIX Firewall, Cisco Firewall Services Module, Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrators and the Cisco MDS Series SanOS.
Juniper products affected include all of its M-series, T-series, J-series and E-series routers, as well as most versions of its Junos and JunoSe Security software. A spokesJniper said that software issued on or after July 28 provided fixes for the flaw. The Openswan Project, which is IPsec software used on many Linux products, is also affected and the project has already released Openswan 2.4.2 in response to the advisory.


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