Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gurgle! With all the Google's Click-to-talk, Google talk and Free wi-fi You soon will be abale to gurgle.

Gurgle: Utter with a gurgling sound; "'Help,' the stabbing victim gurgeld" in this case the victim will be telecomm companies!
Google Talk, the voice-enabled IM client based on Jabber platform.
There was news that Google was experimenting with selling offline ads. Yannick Laclau, discovered something interesting in an article about AHS systems, the company featured in the Google experimental ads.
Also google-Wi-fi, GOOfi has taken off to a good start, Demand exceeds the supply.
This is what google say now;
The Google Secure Access client was originally intended to provide secure web access for users at a few local Mountain View, CA "hotspots" that Google established as part of a community outreach program. Adoption of this limited release technology has exceeded our expectations and we recently began restricting access to the few locations it was originally intended for. We are excited about the widespread enthusiasm for this technology and are currently investigating ways to make it more broadly available in the future.

“It’s a lot of exposure for cheap,” he said, adding that Google is “doing a ton of tracking on this. They’re using their own 1-800 numbers on this, and it forwards to our line.” The Internet addresses of the online versions of the ads also redirect traffic through Google servers.

With companies such as Ingenio and eStara promoting click-to-call technology and ecommerce sites looking to add click-to-call to help close sales, "click-to-call VoIP" (click on a web link and initiate a VoIP call) continues to make strides. Google, eBay, Yahoo and other major Web players have click-to-call directory assistance, not yet in wide use, as well as "click-to-close" (the sale) utilizing Web-initiated VoIP calls to aid in closing sales. May be for shopping carts that you find everywhere on the net. It is also a better way to verify the seller, in this internet age where verifying the buyer is the most important factor in eSALES.
One seller on the net explained the reason to use click-to-call this way;
"We know that more than 9 out of 10 industrial buyers go online first when looking for products and services. A good portion of our clients' business is initiated online, and completed offline. This is difficult to track for anyone".
I would say plus for clients like me, who still picks up the phone to order, after finding the product on the net.
Now that it is on /.(slashdot) may be more people will click and call.

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