Saturday, November 26, 2005

Conference calls with Skype

For those who thinks I am against skype, here is a proof, that I am not. I am against the methods that skype uses. I don't like someone taking control of my PC.
Anyway I seem to be in the minority when it comes to Skype, eventhough there are better VOIP applications that are similar or better than Skype, there are more than enough users. So here we go.

Skype Conference Phone. (VOIP, IP Telephony hands free phone)
buffalo Corporation Nagoya city has some interesting products for computer users. I have seen many a gadgets, gizmos related and unrelated to voip or IP telephony come from this place.

The conference phone slated to released in the latter quarter of December 2005, is currently known as BSKP-CU201/BK.
It has smart microphone and a Speaker. It is said to capable of supporting 5-6 users simultaneously. Good for the Xmas Holidays, to say hello to grand ma and Grand pa together.

The system also has a microphone and headphone so that if you want to croon your better half in privacy, you can use those connectors.
There is no need to make changes to your current Skype software nor configuration. No external power source is necessary as it is powered by USB.

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