Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cisco plans to score in IP PBX on Digital Fairway!

With Cisco's last acquisition of Scientific Atlanta Everyone was looking for video over IP plug in their routers. I think finally Cisco thought there is something to be had in video arena. So next time when you buy a router, look for that video plug!
Hidden behind the Scientific Atlanta buy out is another Cisco Purchase, this time it is Canadian company, Digital Fairway.
Digital Fairway, a developer of IP telephony provisioning systems, intellectual property and other assets was purchased for $15.25 million in cash. Digital Fairway, which is based in Toronto, will become part of Cisco's Network Management Technology Group, joining the CDIC (Campus, Data Center and IP Communications) group led by Vice President Clive Foreman.
Digital Fairway's IP Telephony Provisioner will form the foundation for Cisco's IP Communications Provisioning Manager, a new enterprise-class IP communications provisioning product to be released in 2006. The IP Communications Provisioning Manager will enable rapid enterprise-wide IP telephony deployment by simplifying and automating operations through workflow-based unified provisioning. In addition to user and dial plan provisioning, it will also support change management using a database of record. Cisco will also incorporate the assets into its lifecycle services framework.


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