Friday, January 22, 2010

Nexus One Gets WiFi Calling With Truphone Anywhere.

Truphone On Nexus One

Truphone announced today that it has upgraded it's truphone for Android application to be compatible with Google's Nexus One, claiming to be the first mobile VoIP app to do so.
“Google has been very helpful in working with the Truphone team to allow us to provide our awardwinning solution to the growing number of Nexus One owners. Once again it is a testament to Truphone that we are the first to be able to offer this technology to consumers.” said the Director of Applications for Truphone, Karl Good.
Calls can be made outside of Wi-Fi using ‘Truphone Anywhere’ in 33 countries around the world, saving Android users from those countries money on international calls made from their home country. The easy-to-use service works alongside domestic service providers, but reduces international call costs to as little as £0.03/$0.06 [UK/RoW] per minute.
This could actually lower the total cost of ownership of Nexus One even further!
The Truphone for Android 3.02 application is available from Android Market


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