Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Microsoft VoIP server to enter Beta soon

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According to an article on Techworld, and some information from voicecon there is lot about unified communications are cooking at Microsoft. With it's user base, Microsoft will be at an advantage to acquire customers.
But this also relies on wide adaption of Vista and Office 2007, where all the underlying technology for the desktop side might be implemented. But it might be appealing to all the Microsoft users.
The last time I had experience with VoIP and Microsoft was when they implemented H323 on one of their edge servers a few years, I think at lease 7 years ago. But my experience was not pleasant and I had to settle for Open gatekeeper OpenGK for my needs.
Microsoft is to release a public beta of its VoIP server software by the end of this month. The company is already asking for potential users to register for the beta version on the Microsoft website.

Techworld article
Microsoft unified communications and Beta
Open Gatekeeper, openGK


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