Friday, March 09, 2007

Tom Keating lifts his skirt and shows what he is.

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As a VoIP IP Telephony writer I have respected Tom keating for a while. But I had to read an idiotic article by him today about American Idol. It was just wrong from the beginning.
He thinks all the voters who did not vote for the person he liked, is an idiot!
"The sad thing is after the Chris Daughtry shocker last season when he got voted off by idiotic voters..."
And then he goes off to say that he is so good that he is going do good to America by;
"As a white person myself, I find myself embarrassed for my fellow Americans to be so shallow. I'm so ticked off at the results last night, that I'm going to do something about it. I plan on installing an Asterisk IP-PBX along with a dialer application that can blast out hundreds, perhaps thousands of calls over the course of two hours and make sure that the best candidates get through."

Well he is doing this because he thinks one of the candidates, Sanjaya, is possibly cheating just because he appears to be an Indian.
This is the same guy who said he does not want to play race card earlier in the article.
Well what is it Mr. Keating? Is Sanjaya is bad because of his singing or because is not white? Because he is an American, as far as I know.
Just stick to your VoIP stuff you are good at it. It is hard to make a idol out of ..... or you when you go out and post articles like this.

Just to keep story straight, here is Tom's post so you can decide


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