Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Zfone: Secure VOIP Telephony Pretty Good VOIP

Philip R. Zimmermann is the creator of Pretty Good Privacy, an email encryption software package. Originally designed as a human rights tool, PGP was published for free on the Internet in 1991, Has done it again.
This time with your VOIP or your IP Telephony calls. Using Zfone, one could use existing phone connection (VOIP) to make secure calls.
if you really want to run Zfone now, you need to run a software VoIP client (such as X-Lite, Gizmo, SJphone, or perhaps a software VoIP client supplied by your VoIP service provider) on your PC or Macintosh computer. But it will not run with skype due to their closed protocol
If you want to read a full test and a great article, I can point you to one. Eric Y. Chen at Voice of VOIPSA has done a super job of testing and publishing the results. You get driven through installation, test setup, man in the middle analysis and the final results or conclusion. Visit his site and be prepared to spend a bit of time.
His words;
"Zfone is very user-friendly since it hides most of the encryption mechanism from its users. Its independence from PKI and signaling makes the technology very accessible to individuals. Zfone, being a “bump in the cord”, also allows its users to keep their favorite SIP softphones without switching to an unfamiliar one. Moreover, because only the end users are involved in the key management, the service provider does not have access to any of the keys. Eavesdropping on Zfone users seems extremely difficult as the attacker would have to be present since the first call, able to forge verbal SAS verification in real time, and preferably, able to imitate voices."


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