Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Google Goggles Does Russian Now

Google Goggles Understands and translated Russian

The new optical character recognition (OCR) and translation of Russian in Google Goggles introduced last week’s Inside Search event, is getting some new features.
Ever since Google Goggles was launched in 2009, it has been able to recognize and translate texts from several languages, as long as they were using Latin characters. With the introduction of Russian in to the mix, Goggles adds Cyrillic characters to the mix.
So now the Goggles is able to take a picture containing Russian text and translate the text to over 40 languages.Google search App for iOS has the Russian OCR.For those who have enabled search history on Goggles, and provided that you chose to share the location info with Google, you will be able to visualize your searches on Google Map View, a new feature added to the Google Goggles.
Another feature, that I find very useful is the ability to take a snap of a sign, grab the text on the sign, be it a phone number or street sign (No parking from x to x, I live on a busy street in an equally busy area.) and email it to me. Normally I usually add those no parking days to my calendar manually, now it will be automated!
So get Google Goggles 1.5 from Android Market, or scan the QR code below with your Android phone. iOS users can use Google Search App to use Russian translation.Google Goggles learns Russian and gets a new view - Official Google Mobile Blog


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