Monday, June 13, 2011

Embed YouTube Videos With Logoless Play Option, And Give Users HD Preview Images

If you lost your video views due to crappy preview images, or at least if you thought so, now you can be rest assured, your visitors can see the preview images in true HD quality.
I have passed on some videos based on the preview image. One just do not feel like pressing the play button.
There could have been many excellent videos that I have passed on just because the preview image was not attractive. I guess now those incidents will come to an end as the YouTube has introduced HD preview capability. But that is only possible if you upload your videos of 480P or higher quality.
Older videos will also get HD previews in next few weeks according to YouTube, again provided that the videos are of HD quality, 480P or higher.
Another option YouTube introduced together with HD previews is Logoless player option. The option allows you to play embedded videos without YouTube Logo. That goes for every one, just add a code snippet at the end of the embed code and the logo disappears! The code is "?modestbranding=1" (There will be a small YouTube logo appearing on the upper right corner, when the video is paused and when you hover over the video as shown below.)


YouTube Blog: The next step in embedded videos: HD preview images and a logoless option


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