Thursday, June 09, 2011

Eclipse plug-in for Android And ADT 11 Brings New Features And Enhancements To Android Developers.

If you attended Google I/O last month you would have heard about the next version of Android Development Tool, ADT will be ready soon for the interested developers.
Keeping true to the word, Google Android Team has released the version 11 of the ADT, Android SDK Tech Lead, Xavier Ducrohet tells us.
ADT 11 brings with it, a several new visual refactoring operations providing smoother editing environment. The visual layout editor now fragments, palette configurations as well as supporting custom views.
If you are interested in all the features that ADT 11 brings (There is a long list of features and enhancements.), you can visit ADT Page.
The video bellow is from Google I/O 2011, presenting Android Development Tools.

Android Developers Blog: New Editing Features in Eclipse plug-in for Android


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