Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Google Fiber for Communities Is Live

Google Fiber for Communities http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
Google has just launched a site for providing information on it's Fiber to home initiative. The experimental fiber-to-home network aims to improve the broadband. I think as with many ISPs that is really need to be done. AT&T had the same copper wire and the wiring closets for last 15 years. The only upgrade that I saw, was they painted the roadside enclosure. Comcast on the other hand, upgraded the network twice I guess. Now Comcast runs fiber to our home but I have not used them yet.
The main benefit from the Google initiative will be : not some communities getting 1Gbps connectivity : the rest of the country will know what it takes to make such network work and cost.
1100 communities have responded to the Googles call and so have 200,000 individuals, including yours truly.
The site provides a lot of information for municipalities and legistative members to prod ISPs with. Because I doubt me switching from AT&T to Comcast after 15 years of continuous service will make AT&T change their ways.
But I wonder about areas without alternative services. Perhaps LTE and WiMAX services, speed tested here, will compete with 100 year old copper wires!.
Enjoy the 1,100 thanks, and visit the site and Google blog post. Link after the jump.

Official Google Blog: Introducing our Google Fiber for Communities website: "Google Fiber for Communities"


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