Thursday, February 18, 2010

Handoff Between WiMAX And LTE Might Be Possible In The Future With WiMAX and LTE Modem

WiMAX and LTE modem
WiMAX and LTE from a single chip, yes, they are that close. Beceem announced yesterday Mobile World Congress that they will work together with Motorola to pair off Motorola's 4G WiMAX infrastructure with BeceemsBCS500 4G chip.
The product will result in a 4G modem that will be able to handle LTE and WiMAX and provide users to roam and seemlessly switch between the two networks. Beceem chips currently power the Clearwire Networks and their capabilities already provide VoIP over WiMAX with multi-access network handoffs.

"The know-how gained during the development and deployment of our leading 4G WiMAX solution has contributed to our work with Beceem to offer this advanced chipset solution, We look forward to the opportunities provided by this capability to address market demand." said Bruce Brda, senior vice president, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Networks business.
Beceem joins the praise with
"Our 4G-WiMAX chips are powering every device in Clearwire's network, and we would not have been able to achieve this level of performance and market success without our collaboration with Motorola," said Babu Mandava, CEO of Beceem Communications. "We are pleased to enter the 4G-LTE market later this year with our new BCS500 4G-LTE/WiMAX chip that will become the performance benchmark of the 4G industry."
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