Friday, February 19, 2010

A Case For Switchvox, Another Case For Asterisk, Which One Is Yours?

The Case For Asterisk and Switchvox
Digium blog has published a very clear and nice article by Steve Sokol that speaks about virtues of both the products. Asterisk is the industry favorite Opens source telephony project and the SwitchVox is a Unified Communications system which is also based on Asterisk. The former is free and the latter is not. But there are many reasons that you may want to choose one or the other. The aricle basically ends with a clear advise;

If you’re technically inclined and want to build a communication product or solution, then Asterisk is for you.  If you’re in need of a great phone system at a great price, check out Switchvox.

Asterisk or Switchvox?


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