Friday, December 12, 2008

Twittering From Your Gmail With TwitterGadget.
I know a whole bunch of people who live by Twitter and most also do use Gmail as their email vehicle. Now you can look out of a window in that vehicle and see you favorite Twitters.
After following up with yesterdays post on SMS with Gmail, I found this gadget, TwitterGadget.

TwitterGadget is a web 2.0 style Ajax client for Twitter for your iGoogle homepage. It also enable you to toggle on/off various display elements such as user thumbnails, timestamps, and post sources. Refresh intervals can be set from 3 to 30 minutes, or manual only. Additional information about a poster is available, at a glance, by hovering over their thumbnail image.
You can also enter symbols, dingbats and emoticons into your tweets using a pulldown menu provided.
The gadget is so good, I feel this is what Twitter should have been in the first place!So by utilizing the new add any gadget by url feature on Gmail, you can add this twittergadget to your Gmail page. The special version for Gmail with a small foot print could be found at this URL, which is also the URL you should enter when configuring add any gadget by URL.
So go get Twitter in your Gmail.


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