Monday, December 15, 2008

Truphone Anywhere On iPhone
Andy over at VoIP Watch has a very nice write up including a plethora of information and calculations about Truphone for iPhone and other tools that truly help the road warrior. We are using Truphone Trusaver and we all are very happy with it. But Andy being Andy takes you through other posibilities and give you the choices, so you can make the best use.
But I think the following should give you enough information to follow up and read the article.
"So here's the math which makes the iPhone or a Nokia N or E series phone with Truphone plus the combination of either Boingo Mobile or iPass such a killer deal.
Truphone Trusaver 1000 minutes 15.00
WiFi Access 7.95 (I'm using the Boingo base as you can opt for the contract on iPass at $6.95 and the savings is greater but you may not need it every month and then their $9.95 is higher)
Cost $22.95
Figure you use all 1000 minutes in a month (regardless of being on a paid hotspot from Boingo or iPass or not)
Cost per minute $.02295 or less than 2.5 cents per minute to make calls
You will find more information on how to save on global roaming, here at WiFi on iPhone + Truphone


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