Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Free Calls With Jaxtr FreeConnect,
Jaxtr released a press release about their new service FreeConnect that promises unlimited free calling between members. I have seen a quite a few outfits trying this path to attract customers. Skype is one such company used free calling among members (May not be the same medium and the cost) to bring itself up and make Ebay think that they were worth billions.
There is a difference in Jaxtr plan,
"Launching a free international calling service that works on any phone is a dream come true, and something the jaxtr team has been working toward for many years," said Touraj Parang, jaxtr Co-founder & COO. "Although smart phones such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Google's Android have received widespread accolades, the vast majority of people worldwide do not have access to such phones. Our mission at jaxtr has been to create innovative services that are accessible to anyone, anywhere. We're extremely proud that FreeConnect delivers on this promise, and can be used on any of the more than 3 billion mobile handsets worldwide, and the even larger volume of landline phones in use today."
Anyone can join jaxtr and sign-up for a free basic membership. New members also receive a trial premium membership when they first join the service, which does not require a contract if continued. FreeConnect is available to any registered jaxtr user, and does not require a premium membership or any other payment relationship.

But what I liked most about this press release was the Industry Guru's view on Free calls. Om Malik had a write up that left me feeling confused. My police is "you never know unless you try".
Voip Watch directed me to Om Malik's article and it seems Andy is also in agreement with Om.


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