Friday, October 10, 2008

VoIP on Live Messenger Switched Back ON!

As you can see from the picture above, Tom Keating at TMC is very happy (and Dizzy) that Microsoft has re-enabled VoIP on Live Messenger. Microsoft took away the capability do so earlier this year. With the new capability to dial out to PSTN with Telephonica and actually it promotes Telefonica's Voype service when you try to make a call on Live Messenger. Those previous exclusivity with Net2Phone and Verizon seem to gone away.

But what I thought was intersting the is the price, 7 cent below SkypeOUT, I think Telefonica's Voype service will atract quite a few customers given that Live Messenger is on every thing that comes out of Redmond. It could certainly become a good Skype challenger only if they managed to bring in something similar to SkypeIN.
But I hope Microsoft will make up it's mind and let it's customers relax and make use of this widly available convenience.
Tom has done a much better coverage of the matter and you will find it on TMC Blog.


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