Friday, October 17, 2008

Skype Lights Up Ebay Skies!
Looks like Skype is making silver lightning in the Ebay's financial cloud, even though it a sliver, in the over all Ebay's revenue. Accounting to about 10% of the total revenue of Ebay. Skype is still climbing but it is slower rate than before.
Ebay released it's 3rd quater financial information; "Ebay reported financial results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2008. The ecommerce company posted third quarter revenue of $2.12 billion, up $228 million from the same period last year. Net income on a GAAP basis was $492 million, or $0.38 per diluted share, and non-GAAP net income was $592 million, or $0.46 per diluted share.

  • Skype surpassed 13 million concurrent users at certain peak times.
  • Skype-to-Skype minutes reached nearly 16 billion, a 63% increase year over year."

Even though Skype is only one tenth of Ebays revenue, it is holding tough. Skype's revenues for the third quarter were $143 million, albeit with a slowing down growth rate, it is still growing.The growth is visible on it 46% annual and 5% sequential quarterly growth. Skype has 370 million users currently who consumed 16 billion minutes of talk time.

The annual growth rate of those minutes and the number of minutes people actually pay Skype for, Skype Out minutes, are showing helthier growth.

Hope Ebay will take more notice of these and make Skype even more prominent portion of it's business.


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