Monday, October 13, 2008

Multi-tenant PBXware 2.1Platform for ISPs and Telco’s Released By Bicom
Bicom's Multi Tenant version of PBXware offers a wide range of options in VoIP IP Telophony for service provides or even large scale building and apartment managers looking to offer VoIP Services to their clients. With the platform they will be able to offer Hosted IPPBX, Residential Lines, Resellers Partitions, Prepaid Long Distance, ANI Recognition, Call Back and EFAX.

Since the system is able to handle unlimited user, unlimited resellers and user/company self portals, service providers to serve IP-PBX market with fully featured hosted IP-PBX solution from a single platform.

Following are some of the features:

• Unlimited Tenants, Unlimited Extensions
• One Interface
• Single IP address required
• Single Server Setup with Optional Redundancy or Cluster
• Co-Branding
• Multi-Language
• Admin Interface
• Customer’s end users self-care interface
• Individual: Extension Numbers and Digits, Call Groups, Dial Plans Etc.
• Management of each individual Tenant Package, DIDs, Trunks, CDRs
• Cool Feautres such as integration of cellphones as extensions
• API for Easy Integrations

You will find more information on the product at and an
online demo: Use email: password: mtdemo. for the demo.


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