Friday, October 10, 2008

FreePBX Time Groups and Time Conditions Explained

After giving you FreePBX 2.5, the FreePBX team continue to give you more! One thing that I really liked was write up on Time Groups and Time Conditions.
FreePBX 2.5 introduced the separate time groups and time conditions modules to ease the time management on FreePBX. If you ever had to deal with "Destination if time matches", you know how hard it is to work backwords, like having a destination before setting up a time condition or having to deal with time sequetialy.
But these modules make the time management much easier and the article explains it very well. Hope I did not already confuse you with those time conditions! Here is the article by Moshe Brevda, FreePBX Development Team.

Moshe has his own blog and the article could be found at MBrevda.


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