Tuesday, October 07, 2008

COX Does Not Violate Verizon Patents! Court Rules.

COX Verizon
Much to the surprise of VoIP world, court (jury) has sided with COX and ruled that COX does not violate Verizon patents that I feel should not have been awarded in the first place. Verizon is in a suing spree targeting VoIP providers. I am wondering why these patents have not been challenged yet, properly.
According to Broadcasting Cable;
a Virginia Court has ruled that it did not violate Verizon's Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) patents.

"The jury found that Cox was not infringing any of Verizon’s Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol telephone patents at issue in the case," said Cox in a statement circulated by the company's lead law firm on the case, Kirkpatrick Stockton.

These are the same patents which Verizon took Vonage to court forcing Vonage to settle with Verizon. Did it acted too soon? But it is also expected for Verizon to file an appeal and chase after other VoIP providers like Comcast and Time Warner.
From Broadcasting Cable via Techdirt.


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