Friday, July 25, 2008

Kiax Softphone 2.0, For Asterisk Released.

Kiax softphone that was developed to provide VoIP solutions or VoIP calls with Asterisk PBX (an open source VoIP PBX). I came across it on SourceForge in 2005. I have since used it for VoIP calls, Asterisk testing etc.
Since then it has been avialble for download from SourceForge and with major Linux distros (Ubuntu, SuSE) repositories. While it was dormant for a while, now the Kiax development is very active with the help of Forschung-Direkt and MIXvoip. Kiax ver.2 is a complete re-write of the softphone which aims to to provide a more flexible softphone architecture for extention and customization.

As of now it provides following key features and characteristics

* LGPL-licensed core, GPL GUI
* Decoupled Signaling, Storage and Visualization aspects
* Modularized, lightweight core layer
* GCC4 ready code
* Single codebase for Linux, Windows and MacOS
* SQLite as default storage backend
* QT4.4 as GUI frontend
* Webkit integration
* Even simpler (than old Kiax) to use UI
* Completely brandable
* Remote configuration
* Simplified integration with service providers (via JSON)
* Support for multiple service providers
* Support for simultaneous calls
* Registry fail-over support
* Live CDR and Contacts search
* Codecs: G711, iLBC, GSM, Speex
* Noise reduction filter
Latest binary builds for Linux, Windows and MacOS can be found on Kiax2 SourceForge download page. Current available version is Kiax ver. 2 Beta 2 for Window and Linux and Mac OS X.
* I18n support


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