Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Joost applications (Mac and PC) out.

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New Joost applications (Mac and PC) out.

If you managed to get your invitation to the Joost (I know some of you did get them) have new Joost applications now. So if you were waiting for the MAC version, now it is the time act. I am going to try it on my MAC Mini Intel. It has 2GB memeory, 160GB hd and the rest is stock. Of course it is connected to a 23" LCD and to a 1080P 40" TV to watch movies. Should be fun.
Following are the information of the application versions; Not all info, if you are a member, you can see it all at Joost site.

Windows version Beta 0.8.0

* Search has been given the sprite treatment, improvements include info panel stays open as the results are scrolled through.
* Channel Catalogue is improved and now includes all Channels targetted to the location of the viewer.
* Duration of each Show is now on the info panel for the show as well as the EPG.
* Trivia tracker introduced, delivers timed messages on supported shows.
* Improvements generally in delivering video, sprite performance, etc.

Mac OS X version

* First beta release

* Includes all 0.8.0 functionality.


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