Thursday, February 08, 2007

Skype dumps you BIOS info and sends home!

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According to a post appearing on pagetable describes how skype program called locatd in your computers;
“\??\C:\Documents and Settings\Myria\Local Settings\Temp\12\”;
might be sending your BIOS information to server somewhere in Skype. Here is a snippet from the original authors publication, to which I have provided information below under links.

"An unreadable executable file coming from Skype sounds interesting, so I look at it. It’s 46 bytes long. For copyright reasons I can’t post the file or a complete disassembly. However, I can describe the program in terms of 16-bit DOS C:

int main(void)
fwrite((const void far*) 0xF0000000, 1, 0xFFFF, stdout);
fwrite((const void far*) 0xF000FFFF, 1, 1, stdout);
return 0;

It’s dumping your system BIOS, which usually includes your motherboard’s serial number, and pipes it to the Skype application. I have no idea what they’re using it for, or whether they send anything to their servers, but I bet whatever they’re doing is no good given their track record."

Well be it Skype, Microsoft or anyone sending back my information without my knowledge is not a good thing. So may be people might have to visit "remove Skype".

Pagetable "Skype reads your BIOS"

Remove skype from my own article;
VOIP IP Telephony: Remove skype, stop skype or detect skype with skypekiller


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