Friday, December 09, 2005

Phone in a USB Stick called PhoneDrive! maybe we call it Skypedrive!!

I saw this voip gadget on the IOCELL website, a korean company specializing in USB memory products. After digging further into the information, I found that Memsen is selling the same product here in the US of A. They call it SkypeDrive but the details are not clear at the moment.
PhoneDrive is the world's first USB flash drive for VoIP transmission incorporated according to a press release from the US counterpart (I might be wrong) of the Korean IOCELL,

"This is an intelligent product and service that will change the way people view USB drives and is the key to allow people to thrive in a user-friendly and convenient digital environment. Using the USB drive equipped with Phonedrive technology enables people to carry, store and launch their own phone calls from any PC in any place through the Internet. The Memsen Phonedrive also enables users to place calls to land and cellphones for a nominal per minute fee. Most importantly, The Memsen Phonedrive has a built-in security system that automatically deletes any personal information stored in the USB drive by a remote server if lost and stolen. You can even make calls to the Phonedrive!"
"The Phonedrive is flexible and compatible with other VOIP service providers and calling card minutes providers. Memsen is currently in talks with distributors of USB drives from other countries in the world to ensure multi-vendor interoperability and compatibility. The Memsen Phonedrive will change the way individuals and business entities use and access information from USB Flash drives."


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