Tuesday, November 15, 2005


FCC released the following consumer information about new E911 website. Release text follows;
Washington, DC -- The Joint FCC/NARUC Task Force on VoIP 911 Enforcement has launched a new Web site to provide consumers, industry and state and local governments information about the rules that require certain providers of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to supply 911 emergency calling capabilities to their customers. The address is www.voip911.gov.

The ability to access emergency services by dialing 911 is a vital component of public safety and emergency preparedness. VoIP service allows consumers to place a call like traditional telephone service; however, recent incidents in which consumers using VoIP service dialed 911 but were unable to reach emergency operators have highlighted a critical public safety gap. The FCC has taken steps to close this gap by requiring that, effective November 28, 2005, interconnected VoIP providers deliver all 911 calls to the customerĂ‚’s local emergency operator. Interconnected VoIP providers must also provide the customerĂ‚’s call back number and location information to the emergency operator if the emergency operator is capable of receiving this information.

FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin said, "“Anyone who dials 911 has a reasonable expectation that he or she will be connected to an emergency operator; this expectation exists whether that person is dialing 911 from a traditional wireline phone, a wireless phone, or a VoIP phone. This new Web site will provide an easy way for consumers, industry and other government agencies to get the most current information on this important issue."

- FCC -

FCC Contact: Lyle Ishida at (202) 418-8240, e-mail: lyle.ishida@fcc.gov

NARUC Contact: Eddie Roberson at (615) 741-2904, e-mail: eddie.roberson@state.tn.us


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