Monday, July 01, 2019

Trump lifts ban on US companies that prevented them selling to Huawei

President Trump said U.S. companies that sell components and services to Chinese firm Huawei could resume selling them;
‘We send and we sell to Huawei and tremendous amount of product that goes into the things that they make, and I said that we would keep selling that product’

The remarks were made at a press conference in Osaka, Japan, during the G20 summit in Japan, Trump was answering to a question from the press and said that he had told the Chinese leader Xi Jinping that Huawei would be allowed to buy U.S. goods once again.  .

Continuing remarks ensured that the change had been mostly due to the pressure from U.S. suppliers who were prevented from selling their products to Huawei rather than any material difference in Trump’s position regarding national security concerns around the tech giant’s relationship with the Chinese government. Trump said that the U.S. companies were ‘not exactly happy that they couldn’t sell.’


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