Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nokia World 2011, Can It Make A Difference?

Nokia World 2011
All the Nokia enthusiasts will get together in London this month for Nokia World. Nokia World is an annual event to promote all things Nokia. This year the conference and exhibition will take place on the 26th and 27th October in London. The event will pamper and host to press, journalists, industry analysts, mobile developers, telecom operators, and other related industry partners. Few years ago I had the opportunity to attend the event in Amsterdam and was a blast then.
It remains to see what can Nokia do for itself rather than for us, and level off or climb out from the nose dive it is taking now, and for a some time now.
I like Nokia and I want Nokia to be around. I have had Nokia phones and that was ages ago. The last Nokia device was Nokia N900, which was a real leader in it's days.
We really hope, Nikia would bring to the table stuff better than the last year, where it introduced Nokia N8, along with the Nokia E7, C7 and C6-01 smartphones. Bring something better than Nokia N9! We can only hope, like these Nokia people do;

"Emerging Asia consists of Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. My nation of 160 million people welcome all the opportunities of connecting with a better living and a better future. And that’s why Nokia stays very close to their heart. No wonder we have been the No1 brand for three years." Rahath Ahmed, Dhaka, Bangladesh Communications Manager, Nokia EA
"This year I would love to see a genuine positive sentiment towards the direction that Nokia is going." Delia Sieff, Johannesburg, South Africa, Director of Communications for Nokia Middle East and Africa.
We too Delia.
Nokia World


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