Thursday, October 20, 2011

Zoove, The StarStar Numbers Provider To Mobile Carriers, Raises $5 Million Additional Funding.

Zoove, The StarStar Numbers Provider
TechCrunch is telling us that Zoove, StarStar number provider has raised another $5 million from Rogers Ventures of Rogers, Canada. In addition to the monies, Zoove also gains Mike Lee, VP of Roger Ventures, the venture capital arm of Canada’s Rogers Communications, as one of the Zoove’s Board of Directors.
Starstar numbers and Zoove let people dial a company more easily than with traditional numbers and without an additional fee on cell phones. For NFL it is **NFL and EA's new Madden game gets **MADDEN. There are other companies and brands that use the service. Once the call is made, caller is contacted by Zoove viaTEXT message or an Voice mail to further engage the callers by viewing websites, downloading apps, downloading coupons, etc. The brands pay Zoove an annual fee for their number which varies based on length and scarcity of the number.


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