Monday, October 24, 2011

Is Microsoft Trying A SCO On Android, Like It Tried With Linux?

Microsoft Trying A SCO On Android
I still remember Microsoft's role in SCO vs Linux (IBM Novel etc) throwing in money at SCO which went nowhere and Linux still lives. Many pundits, predicted the demise of Linux then. You can read all about SCO lawsuit on Groklaw. They are also following on current Android, iOS and Windows phone 7 related lawsuits.
When we wrote about "patents nightmares, Sometimes they are good dreams" we referred to a blog post on Google, which asked Microsoft to come out with which patents are Android violating. Microsoft has not answered yet. I even went through their new blog post about licensing they signed with various Android device makers, I did not see them referring to any. As far as 2006, when the SCO was played by who ever, M$ did not come up with any answers.
There are many articles referring to the current state of patents and licensing, you can start with this Slashdot article.


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