Monday, October 17, 2011

CTIA Guidelines To Carriers May Avert "Bill Shock" And FCC Rules.

CTIA Bill Shock
CTIA will unveil today guide lines on how to manage / avert Bill Shock to customers. Not only people who received bills like $26000 from T-Mobile but according to FCC, one in six bills have additional charges and 23% of all wireless customers have $100 or more tagged on to their phone bill. We all have seen ridiculously high phone bills and carriers care less about it.
FCC started to bring out plans for law controlling such bills last year but was send to waiting line for now, since CTIA, the wireless trade association is seem to take care of the matter.
According to an Official, the FCC intends to leave its bill shock proceeding open and watch how the carriers perform against the the industry guidelines, and work on bring up enforceable rules if carriers fail to abide by the guidelines.


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