Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Proteus' Raisin, Let iPhone Monitor Your Heart! And Make iMEDS Bigger Than iTunes!

Proteus' Raisin For iPhone
If you are at loss about the reasons for getting an iPhone, do not worry, here is another reason you need an iPhone. Your puny little MP3 Player that you carry around cannot monitor your heart rate or physical activities. Once approved by FDA, Proteus' Raisin Sensor will be able to do all that and keep a history of the data. Just like a tiny personal health record. You might be able to show it to your doctor and say "See Doc, I am exercising!". But I am sure there will be much more than that. The information collected is sent to the iPhone and then onto caregivers to review and analyze, through the ether.

Proteus Biomedical CEO Andrew Thompson said at TEDMED that Proteus Biomedical is currently testing its intelligent medicine system with hypertension patients, heart failure patients and tuberculosis patients. Proteus’ Raisin technology runs on an electric charge generated by the patient’s stomach acid. The charge is detected through the patient’s body by a sensing patch on the patient’s skin. The patch records the time and date that the pill is digested and also measures certain vitals, which the company calls the Sentinels of Wellness, including heart rate, activity and respiratory patterns. The information is then sent to the patient’s mobile phone and then onto the internet for caregivers to review and analyze.
Proteus via Gizmodo


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