Thursday, April 29, 2010

Skyfire For Android

Skyfire, the company behind Skyfire Mobile Browser, is launching "Skyfire for Android" today. Skyfire is a flash enabled mobile browser and keeping true to it's name, the Skyfire for Android, has flash support.

Ah not really,

According to Techcrunch,

When they’re ready to play back a Flash video, users tap the menu key to bring up the Skybar, click the “Video” label, and then choose which Flash video they want to view. Skyfire converts the video from Flash to H.264 in the cloud on-the-fly, and the video plays back (in full screen) on the device

Of course TC asked why did they veer away from the traditional methods and Skyfire has responded with;

  • In this release, they’re building on top of WebKit rather than building their own browsing core from the ground up. Unlike all other versions of Skyfire, the page itself doesn’t go through a proxy. Standard content goes straight from the web server to the handset — only things that need to be transcoded go through Skyfire’s proxy.
  • Business reasons. Skyfire’s looking at OEM partnerships, and not all OEMs want Flash video playback, as they “want to enhance what they have rather than compete with another browser”.
  • They say it helps them adhere to Apple’s guidelines, improving the odds that they’ll be approved when they go to submit the iPhone/iPad release.

skyfire (get the app here) via Techcrunch


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