Sunday, April 25, 2010

Install Android On iPhone 2G

Skip to 2:58 to see Android running.
How to Install Andoid OS on an iPhone (2G)
If you have an iPhone 2G lying around, you can get the really free Andorid OS and make the iPhone really free.
Android a lot has written a detailed account of the procedures needed to acomplish the task.
In order to complete the task, you can start with;
  1. IMPORTANT! Jailbroken iPhone 2G
  2. VirtualBox.  Get the right version Windows/Mac
  3. VirtualBox Ubuntu Image.  Download number 10, Ubuntu Linux 9.10 codename Karmic Koala x86
  4. iPhone Explorer.  If you’re on Linux you can use FTP such as FileZilla instead.
  5. Android images and sources
  6. Patched images.  Courtesy of Geekoid.

If the video is not enough, then follow the instructions on following links.
Linuxoniphone, Androidalot via engadget.


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