Sunday, April 25, 2010

Incredible Offer With Droid Incredible Introduction

Incredible Offer With Droid Incredible Introduction
If the incredible HTC Droid Incredible's capabilities are not enough to woo you, Verizon has decided to offer a HUGE 2GB micro SD card as an incentive. Verizon says it is a limited time offer and we do not know how limited it is.
This is in addition to the 8GB internal memory that the Droid Incredible ships with. There is a small hicup though, according to Gizmodo and the commenter, early adopters might not be included in this tasty dish. Since it is on the web site, if you pre order now, you will get this 2GB micro SD card.
But if you don't get it and / or if you you want more memory, you can plug in micro sd cards up to 16GB and they are not that costly these days.
Verizon will release the Droid Incredible on 29th of April.
Verizon via engadget


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