Friday, February 26, 2010

Microsoft's “Operation b49” Project Takes Down Waledac Botnet

“Operation b49”

With the approval of courts, Good old Microsoft has gone in to killing botnets that fills you email boxes with spam. According to the Court, Microsoft get to decide which domains to kill, in order to kill the botnets. I hope Steve Balmer will not think Google as a bad domain.
 On February 22, in response to a complaint filed by Microsoft  (“Microsoft Corporation v. John Does 1-27, et. al.”, Civil action number 1:10CV156) in the U.S. District Court of Eastern Virginia, a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order cutting off 277 Internet domains believed to be run by criminals as the Waledac bot.
But jokes aside, I think the idea of who gets to decide which are good or bad domains will come in many discussions to come.
Associate general counsel at Microsoft, Tim Cranton, posted;
At Microsoft, we don't accept the idea that botnets are a fact of life. We are a founding member of the Botnet Task Force, a public-private partnership to join industry and government in the fight against bots. That's why I'm proud to announce that through legal action and technical cooperation with industry partners, we have executed a major botnet takedown of Waledac, a large and well-known "spambot."


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