Monday, September 08, 2008

iPOD Was Invented In 1979! By Kane Kramer.

image from Dailymail
Burst com that supposed to be holding a bunch of patents that people are calling too broad has settled with Apple out of court (Ha! Nice move, Burst!). This has come after Apple bringing out a British inventor, Kane Kramer, who sketched up developed a prototype of a very iPOD like device in 1979, as seen above. As we all know, iPODs has been used for other than music, like for VoIP with SIP for IPod.
A few companies like Microsoft had settled with Burst regarding these patents earlier. May thinking to get them on good bye patent! But there supposedly more fighting with Burst like apple. Burst in their case against Apple said iPOD was covered under a patent that was awarded in 1990!

Daily Mail via Digg


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