Saturday, September 27, 2008

Google Talk Help Forum, Googley, And More For Google Talk Users

Googletalk (Known better as Gooletalk since a typo some time back)has received place within the Google Help, for helping one another, in the Google help forum. This is in addition to Google Talk Help Center and Known Issues. (I also found the default Google Avatar, Googley to be fun!)

You will receive answers to your questions from other forum members and Google employees as well. (See the capture bellow for all kinds, and the best answer marked!) When people answer, the best ones could be marked as, of course, best answer! so it will be helpful for those who are seeking solutions to similar problems or questions in the future. It might be also helpful for those new comers to Google Talk from the new Google Phone, HTC Dream also known as T-Mobile G1 which carry support for Google Talk.
Google Talkabout: New Google Talk Help Forum


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