Thursday, September 25, 2008

Android, T-Mobile G1, A Phone For Smart People.

The advertisements are already out for T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) , the first commercially available Android phone. It was good to hear about the press conference in New York but we did not get a chance to attend! I was busy replicating very important Oracle servers, all over the world, I did not even get to attend Oracle World This time!
The phone it self is going to be cheaper than iPhone and according to many not glitzy enough. (Any way I am not a big bling bling man, except for good watches.). HTC / Google /T-Mobile G1 will sell for $180 for existing customers and and comes with two data plans: $25 a month which gives unlimited Web access and limited text messaging and $35 a month with unlimited everything. I will write more about the phone, later today


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