Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Google Is Not Ignoring Android, Android 5 (Jelly Been) Will Change The Course :)

Google Is Not Ignoring Android

After wondering is Google ignoring Android, we have to report, it is not. It seems Google (Goog) and next version of Android OS, Android 5 code named Jelly Bean will change the course with giving users more access to the systems and stifling the control impost on Android OS by various manufacturers and carriers.
I am switching to Google's Galaxy Nexus for the same reason, to have a phone with pure Android, without bloatware and undue restrictions from manufacturers and carriers. I am getting the GSM version of Google Nexus, directly from Google for $399 as it seems Fry's Electronics is playing games with me.

According to WSJ, Google is shifting tracks how it traditionally produced the "Lead Device". In order to bring a united and cleaner front to the Android, Google will introduce the new Android OS, to multiple smartphone manufacturers and in turn introducing the these devices to the public directly, like it is doing now with Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and previous Google Phones.
Previously Google only partnered with one device manufacturer at a time to produce the lead device.
Google will be able to put manufacturers who are worried by Google's acquisition of  Motorola Mobility at ease with the new plan and users will have a choice of as many as 5 Google Nexus phones instead of one. This step by Google will also provide ways to bring new devices and Android OS to the market faster.
Read more at WSJ


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